Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Projects!!!

I have some new projects coming this week!! Sorry i have been M.I.A, I have had a few emails asking if everything is alright, because i haven't put up videos in a few weeks. Everything is fine, we have been pretty busy in the Mila household. We went to Disney in May, so i was preparing for that, then my son and i kept getting sick and we had been giving it back and forth to each other. Things have been calming down now and i should have a few videos up on my blog and youtube channel in the next few days.

On a side note, I pre-ordered the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Camera bag in Walnut and she said that it should be shipping out by the end of this week!!! So, I am so super excited about that and am very impatiently waiting LOL.

I am starting to feel more comfortable with my Sony A55, and am saving up for a new telephoto lens which i can hopefully get next month. I wanted to share some reviews on a few books that I have been reading about photography. The first book that i had read is by Scott Kelby and it is called The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1. You guys it is an amazing book, i literally could not put it down and read it in about two days. This is a book that i keep in my bag when i shoot pics, it has so many amazing tips and suggestions. In the book it's like you are out on a shoot with him and he answers all of your questions that you have. Thanks to him, I learned how to shoot a portrait using a de-focusing technique (as well as many other techniques, thank you so much Scott!!). Seriously, I had spent 4 days trying to get this technique down and just couldn't figure it out. Then finally, i received the books from Barnes and Noble.com and started reading!! Anyone who is starting out in photography NEEDS to get this book! He literally goes through all different kinds of photo situations that you would be in and basically tells you how best to shoot in what situation. I really felt like i was in a class or something, can you tell i loved the book. LOL Anxiously waiting for the other volumes to come in the mail!!

Right now, I am currently reading a photography book by Brian Peterson called Understanding Exposure, this is really a great informative book as well and i will give my full review and thoughts when I am finished reading it. I am learning a lot with that book, Bryan goes more into detail about the why and definitions.

All right, have to put my muncky to bed and make a video :) Hope everyone is enjoying there summer!!

Let me know if you have any questions on any of the books or Kelly Moore Camera bag that I mentioned.

Oh, one more thing, I am on twitter now, so look me up Milamemories (surprised LOL).