Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exciting News!

Well it's exciting for me LOL. My 4 year old can read a few words, he can read the words, "look, see, oh and Jane??". I am so proud of him! I am pretty sure he is getting encouragement through me telling him if he does not do well in school, i won't let him play his new leap pad. He really has done better since i said that.

Anyway, on to some scrappy stuff!! I am so excited to be almost done with my second Halloween mini album this season that i will be putting on Etsy! It turned out so cute!! Lots of pumpkins and black cats in it, ugh LOVE IT!! I should be posting that sometime this weekend!

So, i never new this existed until a few days ago, are you ready for it!! A portable printer to print out 4 x 6 pictures (or other various smaller sizes). I really have noticed that i have a problem with not getting my photos printed, and when i do i usually get about 300 printed at one time and then i feel super overwhelmed because I'm like wow, i have to scrap 300 of these photos, i do want to, but I feel like it takes me longer, because I have to scrap last falls photos this year in the fall, because that is when i am inspired to scrap fall photos and i need to be in the mood. It may sound weird LOL, but I think that this printer will resolve my issues and i will be able to print a photo with in seconds of taking it now, so i can even scrap it that night if i fancy. Here is a picture below:

That's it for now, so excited to be getting my printer!



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