Monday, March 31, 2014

Turning 32 - So Thankful

 As I is sit down to write this, thinking about how i am turning 32 , i think about the last 3 years and think about how much my life has changed in what seems took forever at times, really has gone by way too fast. I can't help but tear up at some of the thoughts that go through my head. In the last three years, I can honestly say that I have lost so much, but in return I have gained and been blessed with so much as well.

Since i had my youngest son last May, I have really been focusing on every day and just taking it all in, I am so happy to have been blessed with two amazing boys. Lately, I have not just been functioning or going through motions trying to stay afloat, but I have felt truly whole and happy. I feel like my self again, I know who i am again, what I want, what makes me happy, and it AWESOME!! I love the quote, "I choose to be happy", I really do believe that happiness is a choice, that quote has picked me up from a few bad times. There are always times that you can "choose" to feel depressed or sad, but really if you look around there are so many things that you can "choose" that make you happy. The "choice" is really yours. 

When I look at my boys, especially when they are playing together, laughing together my heart just expands and i have the biggest smile ever on my face!! I love them so much, I love being a mom and I am so thankful for them.

To be honest turning 32 feels amazing!! So much better then turning 30...Have an amazing day!



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