Friday, August 2, 2013

Soaking Up My Babies Cooing!!

I can't pretend that I am totally calm about going back to work, I am so going to miss sending my older son off to camp or school, seeing my husband off to work, and then going back and enjoying my me time with my newborn. I love our mornings, I eat breakfast, then I pump some breast milk if I hadn't already, and then me and my little guy play, he is so smiley and loves to talk. I am going to miss our little conversations (he loves saying Agoo, and awoo), I am going to miss breastfeeding him during the day, us just laying down and looking at each other, and us both being memorized by the other. Me scrapbooking while he is sleeping, there are times when I just sit and stare at him while he is sleeping, just soaking it all up and taking in the moment, I feel so blessed and honored to be his mommy. He follows my every move, trying to figure things out, I can't really understand why, but this time going back to work is so much harder then last time, yes I cried last time also, but I was excited to go back to work. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job and I work for some of the most amazing people on the planet, and who I really consider a friend, but I am torn and feel like I still need more time with my little guy. 3 months is definitely not enough time for maternity leave. I don't know if it is the fact that I am older now, and realize how important and precious time is, and the reality is that they really do grow up so fast. Anyway, I will quit my ramblings and sobs about my baby for now LOL.

So, I am working on a special scrappy give away for my youtube channel reaching 500 subbies, hoping I can get that video out sometime next week, so excited for the give away. I will keep everyone posted. Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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